Brands Konnect is redefining the way companies approach new markets. We provide brands access to emerging markets (Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent) without having to resort to the traditional distribution model, which entails, highly prohibitive investments of time and capital. Our company brings in valuable regional expertise through its strong trade links developed over the years. This is complemented by our sound understanding of consumer demographics and a robust financial backing – all highly crucial for any brand’s entry into a new market.

We pursue this association within two broad frameworks

Regional Master Distributors

of brands – We handle the entire gamut of activities including Marketing, Distribution and Commercial functions across large geographies and are, therefore, the perfect partners for companies that either lack local understanding or choose not to invest directly in resources of dedicated manpower, brand building or trade support.

Licensees/Joint Venture Partners

for aspirational/lifestyle brands – In this scenario we extend and broaden the realm and scope of partnership to conceptualize, develop and produce the range for a partner seeking to extend its lifestyle brands to personal care.

Creating Unique Value-for-money Brands – Besides the brand association verticals, which are the mainstay of our business, we have also pooled in years of experience and deep consumer understanding, within and outside the organization, to create unique, high quality, value-for-money brands in the personal care segment.


Our unconventional approach of not investing in physical assets of a ‘brick and mortar’ model has worked well for us. This pragmatism has allowed us to be highly prompt in setting up strong distribution networks across a large number of countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Each key market and local partner has a Brands Konnect regional manager and his locally based team to provide sales and trade support on a continuous basis. The on-site team is backed by the core team in Dubai, which provides constant support for the strategic functions of marketing, finance and logistics.

The infographic (below) gives an idea of the Brands Konnect Distribution Model:


Brands Konnect’s proficient team offers its valuable expertise across four core areas:

Sales & Commercial:

The team brings tons of hands-on sales experience with specialization in Route-to-Market, Distributor Management, Setting up Multi-channel Distribution and Visibility, Sales team leadership and trade promotional strategy. Our capabilities further include general business management, sales and marketing expense optimization – P&L management over large geographies and diverse categories, and distributor profitability management and maximization.


Our deep understanding of the region’s political and socio-cultural sensitivities, its consumer psyche and the demographics make us the ideal market specialist to partner with. Besides product portfolio management and third-party manufacturing, we also specialize in trade marketing, new product development and formulation of mid- and long-term brand strategies. One of our distinctive strengths is the keen emphasis we lay on digital and social media for product marketing.

Supply Chain:

We understand the significance of an efficient supply chain in a dynamic supply and demand environment .We manage every aspect involved from moving a product from a supplier’s facility to our customer’s warehouse with our team in Dubai carefully planning and coordinating at each stage. As a policy we work only with global and renowned shipping, forwarding and warehousing companies with an aim to provide unmatched service to both, the brand owners and our local partners.


Brands Konnect has deep and fortified financial roots and strong financial capabilities with long standing business relationships with a number of leading world-class banks and financial institutions. We engage in financial dealings with all our business partners through the same world-class institutions with the objective of making all transactions absolutely secured, hassle free and timely. We are proud of our impeccable record with all our banking partners, trade partners and vendors.