An emerging markets specialist, we close the chasm between high-potential brands and the fledgling markets of Asia and Africa that represent the largest potential consumer base in the world.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape where conventional norms are being reshaped constantly, Brands Konnect has taken a refreshingly futuristic approach to distribution. This is perceptible in our unique methodology towards development, management, and distribution of promising consumer brands in the developing markets. We operate via a strong network of local partners supported by our senior resources based in key markets, with the aim to complement the local partners’ strengths with our expertise.

Our strategically located headquarters in Dubai, the leading commercial hub and logistics powerhouse, acts as the perfect gateway to connect with markets in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent region.


The ethics of sincerity, transparency, dependability and professionalism are the four pillars on which our business stands strong. We care passionately about becoming the pioneers in introducing top-quality brands across multiple channels in key emerging markets. We believe that introducing the most relevant brands in a new market is just the beginning of our association with a partner. Our team is well equipped for the additional challenge that comes with setting up a sustainable, long-term business model for the brand owners as well as the local partners.



Our bespoke ideas and unconventional approach will make us the most dependable and preferred distribution and marketing partner for consumer brands in emerging markets. Our long-term vision sees our business relationship encompass a lot – right from a brand’s development to its end-to-end management to handling a multi-category product portfolio with our local partners.


We are committed to providing our brand partners with a much wider geographical reach and an agile access to new emerging markets. Our understanding of a budding economy, its dynamics and relationships will further ensure that we become the leading distributor and marketer. Brands Konnect’s steadfast commitment to adhering to the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings, treatment of our employees, and social and environmental policies is aimed at satisfying our partners as well as the consumers.